The Spanish Language and its influence in the USA
Essential Questions
How is Spanish similar to English?
What is its influence in the American Culture?

· Learn the Spanish alphabet. Find similarities with the English alphabet
· For each letter of the Spanish alphabet find the names of object, cities, meals, and more that have its origin in the Spanish culture.
· Present one letter of the alphabet and few words that begin with that letter in front of the class

Tare/Homework. Practice the Spanish alphabet, complete worksheet.

La cortesía en Latinoamérica/Courtesy Essential question How is greeting in Latin America different from greeting in the United States? Task 9/8-9/11 · Watch greeting video and look for the different gestures and body language · Practice gestures when greeting · Write a conversation with a partner and present it in front of the class; use puppets · Tare/Homework. Complete worksheet with greetings

Latin American Countries

Essential question
How many countries speak Spanish? and Where are they located?

Task 8/31-9/3

  • Learn the names, capitals and nationalities of Spanish Speaking countries
  • Practice the names of Latin American countries, (practice, quiz);
  • Complete an empty Latin American map with names of countries and capitals; label and color

Los objectos de la clase


Talk about classroom objects



  1. Practica. Classroom objects; mas vocabulario
  2. Continue to practice classroom objects
  3. prueba & extra credito
  4. Take quiz ; quiz2; quiz3 y mas practica con classroom objects
  5. Learn the use of definite and indefinite articles; mucha practica
  6. Begin learning about numbers, mas... and the time (0-20) (10, 20, 30, 40 ...)
  7. Practice numbers ;
  8. Learn los numeros y los numeros; take quiz, quiz2
  9. This website contains many different activities about the calendar and more

Los saludos


Learn how to greet in Spanish


4/27-5/1 Practice greetings

  • See El mundo de Carlos
  • Write a conversation with a partner and present it in front of the class
  • Take greeting quiz


Visit the following websites to practice what you have learned so far:

La escuela


Talk about school materials, commands
Learn to count


3/9-313 Classroom commands

    • Complete activities a & d, book pages 9-12
    • Learn classroom commands and act them out
    • Play Simmon says in Spanish
    • Complete activities a-g; book pages 17-18

3/2-3/6. Classroom Objects

Visit the following websites in the order that they appear, to practice for a few minutes before the quiz. Just click on the blue words:

La semana del 2/2-2/6

¡Bienvenidos!Welcome new group!


    • Discuss classroom syllabus, materials, procedure, rules, ... and more
    • Learn phrases to use in class
    • Learn the Spanish alphabet

La semana del 3/31-4/4


    • Practice the use of classroom objects
    • Complete self-bingo
    • Practice numbers
    • Final reviews

La semana del 3/17-3/20


external image girl%20with%20pen.gif

La semana del 3/10-3/14


external image 56.gif

    • DSTP Testing

La semana del 3/3-3/7


external image 56.gif

La semana del 25-2/29


external image free-random-smileys-293.gifexternal image talk025.gif
    • Chapter 1 vocab is due on Tuesday 2/25
    • Complete Page 2: exercises A,B and C
    • In groups of 2 create a conversation (4 lines each)
    • Homework (Repaso Worksheet) due Thursday 2/28

La semana del 2/19-2/22


external image 32.gif

La semana del 2/11-2/15


external image 9.gif

La semana del 1/28-2/1


    • Continue to learn about Latin American countries
    • Project. Complete map: outline, label, color and write the names of each Latin American country; the title is El mapa de Latinoamerica; due Friday 2/1
    • Begin to learn about the Spanish alphabet

La semana del 1/21-1/25

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome new group!


    • Discuss classroom procedures, rules, syllabus... and more
    • Students will learn classroom to be in class
    • Culture. Learn about Latin American countries

La semana del 1/3-1/15


    • Learn and practice Los numeros 1-100 in Spanish
    • Quiz. Number 1-50
    • General review in the computer lab
    • Review countries of Latin America

¡Vacaciones de invierno! 12/21-1/02/08

external image XmasZ007.gif

La semana del 12/17-12-20


    • Quiz on classroom commands
    • Culture. Learn how to sing Christmas songs in Spanish; go Christmas caroling
    • ¡Feliz Navidad y Prόspero Año 2008!

La semana del 12/10-12/14

Actividadesexternal image 1238.gif

La semana del 12/3-12/7


La semana del 11/26-11/30


    • Learn names of people from Latin-America
    • Choose a name in Spanish or translate your name
    • Learn vocabulary related to classroom objects + copy
    • Tarea: Study for vocabulary quiz (greetings) on 12/3

La semanda del 11/19-11/23


    • Cultura. Learn how El día de acción de gracias (Thanksgiving) is celebrated in Latinoamerica
    • ¡Feliz El Día de acción de gracias! (off 11/21-11/23)

La semanda del 11/12-11/16


    • Students learn how to greet in Spanish
    • Practice the use of greeting
    • Cultura. View video about greetings in Latinoamerica

La semana del 11/5-11/9

Welcome new group!


    • Discuss classroom procedure, rules, syllabus... and more
    • Learn phrases to use in class
    • Cultura. Learn about the Spanish speaking countries

La semana del 10/29-11/2


    • Final test for students in M1
    • New group. Class introduction + Greetings in Spanish
    • Cultura. El dia de los muertos. Students learn about the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico

La semanda del 10/22-1026


La semana del 10/15-10/19


    • Review commands
    • Complete package with vocabulary
    • Play Bingo

La semana del 10/8-10/11


La semana del 10/1-10/4


La semana del 9/24-9/28

    • Present conversation (greeting)
    • Complete vocabulary package (classroom and homework)
    • Quiz on 9/28. Review vocabulary learned (greetings)

La semana del 9/17-9/21


El alfabeto español
El calendario español, mas
Los números
A practicar más,