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Here is where you can access many interesting things about learning Spanish, such as:


Presentations for the Spanish Class see several PowerPoint presentations to learn Spanish grammar

Presentations to learn Spanish Learn and practice vocabulary, grammar and more with these powerpoints

Es audio From vocabulary and grammar lessons, comprehension and listening activities, free Spanish PowerPoint and iPod videos to Spanish conversations, and much more

PowerPoint Templates for games and more

PowerShow Power Point presentations with different topics.

Websites for learning Spanish




Alt & Wingding CodesUse Spanish accents, smiley faces, stars..
Currency Site contains the top 85 currencies sorted by country name
Punctuation Write Spanish punctuation on a PC

Smiley Face


Just verbs one ending at a time

Spanish verbs Learn, practice, and share the different verb tenses in Spanish

WordChamp The language learning network

Learn rules and practice Spanish


A little bit of everything View a list of commonly used Spanish expressions

Accents Don't be afraid of Spanish accents

Business Spanish; See list of vocabulary words and expressions used in the business world of Spanish (words in charts)

Cervantes Centro virtual de enseñanza en español

Cliff Notes Get help with Spanish classroom activities and homework; (Cool!)

Computer vocabulary Internet terms in Spanish

Culture See photos of different activities and holidays

Dictionary; more, Variety of dictionaries... Translate English to Spanish or vice versa

Enchanted Learning


Flash Cards Learn and practice vocabulary, expressions, grammar rules, and more

Flashcard ExchangeSpanish flashcards library

General Classroom Resources

Hello World Fun practice

Introduction to Spanish Learn vocabulary, expressions, grammar rules, and much more

Languages Online (click on Spanish) Play games while learning Spanish vocabulary

Learn Spanish Learn, practice, and take quizzes

Lingolex Learn Spanish by linking to the Spanish-speaking world; see list of vocabulary, grammar rules and more

Spanish Online help

Pictionary A Spanish picture dictionary on the internet

Primary Resources in Spanish

Study Activities ; Practice vocabulary with matching games

Teach Me 123; Read explanations, practice and hear vocabulary...

Vocabulary by Theme Print vocabulary list, self-timed games

What is Look at several pictures and identify its name in Spanish; practice vocabulary

Listenning activities

BBC audio Listen to several topics

BBC Learn Spanish

BBC Spanish News

Edufone Free Spanish Podcasts & videos

Es audio Spanish audio project; listen to people from different parts of the Latin world

Mas arribaLook at pictures while listening to sentences and expressions in Spanish

Mini Cuentos Read and listen to mini-stories in Spanish (basic)

MP3 of many vocabulary

Pronunciation Guide Listen to basic Spanish pronunciation

Radio y Television A great variety of tv and radio stations


Canciones infantiles
Justo Lamas
Spanish Romance Variety of artists


Cuentos A great selection of Spanish stories
El cuentacuentos A place to find fairy tale stories in Spanish

Lesson Plans for stories
Alicia y el lobo
Las aventuras de Alyzae
Find more at Sra. Bex's website


Videos de hispanos hablante

Lang Media Spanish in Spain

Spanish grammar videos TontitoFrito Teaches grammar (very good)

Little Mermaid "Part of Your World"

Little Mermaid "Under the Sea"


Anastasia song in Spanish

Hercules "Dire que es mi amor"

La Sirenita "Besala"

Mulan "Mi Reflejo"

Lion King "Hakuna Matata"

Lion King "Just Can't Wait to be King"

Tarzan "Son of Man"

Tarzan "Strangers Like Me"

Tarzan "Two Worlds"

Tarzan "You'll be in my Heart"

The Jungle Book "My Own Home"

The Jungle Book "The Bare Necessities"

The Jungle Book "Trust in Me"

The Beauty and the Beast "Belle"


Alien body part game, fun
All vocabulary and grammar all sorts of games with specific vocabulary as well as grammar. An excellent site
Basic vocabulary
Crucigramas/Crossword puzzles
Hangman: one,
Language Online games

Language Games
Matching games
[[#mce_temp_url#|Maggie's Adventures]], Voc. in general-Race game,
[[#mce_temp_url#|Fun Trivia]]
Online Spanish games
Unscramble: Unscrambe sentences
Quien quiere ser millonario
Interactive Spanish Games
Web Quest; mucho mas

Y mucho más

[[#mce_temp_url#|Trabalenguas]]. Podcast
Free Spanish Printables
El condorito
[[#mce_temp_url#|Refranes]], mas refranes,
Tu parada Spanish postcards
Currency Converter

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