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When I decided to become a Spanish teacher, I did not know to what extent I was going to influence the lives of so many. Teaching the Spanish language and its culture, as a native speaker, allows me to bring the experiences, lifestyle, culture and more of the Hispanic people. It is my intention to expose my students to real life situations, authentic material, and plenty of communication activities to develop and increase their knowledge, not only in Spanish, but also of the people of Latin America. I have been teaching Spanish for six years and I am currently working on the Masters of Education with Technology Track. Every year I learn something new... from how to help my students develop understanding and appreciation for other people and cultures to how to create activities that are appealing and attractive to the eyes of our NetGen, that is, with the intregation of technology into the lesson plan. This year in particular, I have noticed how interested my students are in learning Spanish. All of the different levels that I am teaching express an interest in learning to speak Spanish. This is very important for me because it allows us to be a team right from the begining with the common goal of learning Spanish. As their teacher, it is my duty to create engaging activities to continue to motivate them to want to learn more of this language and its people.

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edWeb; Online professional learning communities are a great way to use Web 2.0 technology to keep up on the latest issues and practices, and connect with peers who share similar concerns- all across the country.

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